Recreation Vehicle is for travel across the country in your home on the wheels. Frequently, people buy the best RV mattress short queen for comfort sleeps out there. But, end up feeling sore while having a nap on the hard material of the mattress. Consequently, only two choices you have in such situation- ONE, buy a new mattress or TWO, use a fail-proof RV mattress hack.

Hacks are always the best choice to save a few bucks instead of buying a new costly mattress. So, let’s find out some useful hacks that are the true savior with Abyanmedia

RV Mattress Hacks Every Campers Should Know

Here is the best hack of all the time that will give you the sweet sleep every single night.

Let’s check it out now!

1. Cut the Mattress Topper to fit on the RV mattress

A mattress topper as the name suggests sits on top of the RV mattress. The short queen size RV mattress is usually 5 inches shorter than the normal mattress. The topper you might find in the market could be of size 38 wide × 74 long, 38 wide × 80 long, and so on. As it’s clear that the size of mattress topper is bigger, it’s vital to buy the suitable material topper so that it results in the successful RV mattress hack. You can choose one of the materials from latex, memory foam, polyester blends, feather, and wool for this hack.

Wait until the mattress comes to its actual size as it is compressed, now measure the excess portion an if possible mark it with the help of a ruler. Marking gives the accurate and even cutting. Now the next thing to do is to cut the hanging over portion. It’s ideal to use electric knife or cutter because none of the scissor, box cutter, or ceramic knife would be able to cut the fabric. The best part of using the electric knife is that its seven inches long and you don’t have to flip over the mattress.

RV Mattress Hack materials

Cutting the RV Mattress Hack

Finally, check every corner if it fits the best RV mattress short queen or not, and voila! You can now cover the bed with your favorite sheet and lie down to feel the softies.

2. Get the Silkiest Pillowcase Ever!

Don’t dispose the mattress topper, which we cut earlier. Thinking why? Well, it’s easy, you can transform those spare pieces into the soft and mushy pillowcase. For that, you have to take the electric knife in your hands again and cut the spare mattress into two equal portions. You can make this pillowcase even softer by layering it with the silk case as well.

3. Snuggle Inside the Down Comforter

A comfort is a beautiful place. Soothe yourself inside the light yet cozy comforters that you can find easily in the market. In fact, you can find a completely new variety of comforters that are idyllic for every season. Therefore, sleep could be better with the snuggly comforter on your RV mattress.

4. Quilted Mattress for Sited Mattress

What could be more amazing than having no need to tuff every day after having a nap? Surely nothing! Well, quilted mattresses are preferable for keeping the mattress positioned and plane. So, buy them for the sake of relaxation now!


Visiting places in RV is great and the moments could be more delightful if a comfortable bed is there to take away all the exertion. Sleeping on the hard and uncomfortable mattress could result in many back and neck problems.

Best RV mattress hack

Using the right RV mattress hack

Therefore, using this fantastic RV mattress hack for any size of mattress isn’t just cheap but healthy too.